Easy Way to Building Muscle and Stamina with Doing Push Up

man love push upPush up is one type of physical exercise that can give huge benefit if you do it often and with proper technique.

Beside of able to build muscle, doing push up is also able to build up your stamina. Most of you must have understood that as a man, we need to have not only huge muscle on our body, but we also need to have huge stamina to accommodate many important activities.

However, maybe some of you have tried doing push up frequently and you still cannot gain many improvements both on your muscle and on your stamina.

If that is your problem, then you need to know that push up is able to do with using many techniques. Those techniques will be able to boost the improvement of your muscle and your stamina.

For you who want to try improving your muscle and your stamina with doing push up, we suggest you to learn about kind of techniques for doing push up here.

The Advantages of Doing Push Up with Many Techniques

Before learning about what kind of push up techniques, it is important to know first, about what advantages you can get if you are able to do push up with many techniques.

Here are some advantages that you will surely able to get if you able to do push up with using many techniques:

  • Doing push up with using many techniques will be able to help improving not only your arm and shoulder muscles. It is also able to help improving your triceps and your chest muscles.
  • Some pushes up techniques are able to burn more calories than common push up technique if you do it properly.
  • If you able to use and combine many push up techniques, you are also able to improve your performance on bed. For you who want to know more about improving your performance on bed, check it over at this website.

Kind of Push Up Techniques That Suitable to Boost Your Muscle and Stamina Growth

If your goal is building muscle and your stamina, then do not forget to do push up exercise frequently. If you think that doing push up is not challenging anymore, we suggest you to try these some different push up techniques:

Leg kicks push up

leg kick push upSome people maybe have commonly done push up and for them; push up is one of easy exercise to do. If you think like that too, then just try to do leg kicks push up.

Leg kicks push up is special push up technique that will help building your hip muscle too. it is because when you are doing push up, you also need to kick your leg on right or left of your body.

For doing this technique, do push up like common way and while your body in the lowest position, hold that pose and kick one of your leg on right or left side until it make 90 degree angle with your body.

Triangle push up

man triangle push upIf you want to train your arm and shoulder muscles harder than usual, then triangle push up is the best technique to use.

The triangle push up technique will make one of your arms to hold more weight than other. That is why; this technique will be able to help improving your arm and shoulder muscle better than with doing common push up technique.

To do this technique, do the common push up technique but when you are lowering your body to the ground, turn your head to your left and right hand alternately.

Benefitting from the Sun Without Killing How Your Face Looks

Sunshine can be a double-edged sword: this source of life is the key to healthy good looks and joint health, yet too much of it results in sun-damaged skin. Knowing how to protect yourself is crucial to enjoying the benefits which the sun provides to the body, with a much-reduced level of negative effects at the same time.

Many people love being in the sun just to get that tanned look. But don’t confuse burnt skin with tanned skin — the former is damaging and may cause cancer to the skin. Because our skin naturally produces melanin to protect itself against the harmful effects of sun exposure, this substance is the one which creates the browning of skin.

At the beach

Don’t we just love getting a tan?

However, everyone reacts differently to sun exposure — we have skin types to explain how much the body can tolerate the sun. It seems that a blonde with blue eyes would have lower tolerance compared to a person with dark hair and eyes. People with matt skin may fare better too.

And the fact is, we all produce melanin in different amounts and quality, so the tanning effect of the sun would indded vary between persons. Which means some people cannot afford to stay in the sun longer than others without exposing their skin to higher risks.

Fortunately, science has come up with a good solution: achieve better tanning through stimulating melanin production in the body. Tyrosine, an amino acid amongst 22 in total used by cells to make proteins, is known to have natural melanin-enhancing properties. Beta-carotene can help increase sun tolerance and tan the skin lightly.

In addition, Vitamins A, C and E, which have anti-oxidant properties, can provide a barrier against increased free radicals when one stays in the sun. This is definitely a boost to guard against free radical damage which might lead to cancer in the skin.

As an easy step, look for creams which contain tyrosine as a key ingredient. Increase intake of fruits and vegs with Vits A, C and E; if not possible, consider taking a good quality supplement. Look for beta-carotene in the supplement as well.

Of course, there’s also a specific need to protect the face when going out in the sun. Besides wearing shades and applying sunscreen, consider using a high quality eye cream with natural ingredients afterwards, to repair damaged skin and provide nourishment that cares for that delicate skin area around the eyes.

For this, there’s some very good online help available at Eyesthetic.org and other face care websites. It is always good to gather key tips from various places and look into them deeper to understand how you can help yourself to stay young looking.

Remember, your eyes and face can make or break the deal, so to speak. Don’t let the sun kill your looks.

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